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How to pop into Front Bird from Throne

Acro Yoga: How to pop from Throne into Front Bird (video)

The pop from Throne into Front Bird is a fun, cool and relatively easy pop to start with if you want to do some ‘popping’ and real flying in Acro Yoga; see video. It requires some body control and – here we go again – abdominal muscles. (So train them here with this yoga sequence.)

How to pop from Throne into Front Bird

  • Watch the video first: it will make it a lot easier
  • Flyer/base: jump into throne the way you are use to do. If it’s new: check this video
  • Flyer: bring your chin towards your chest, reach your arms forward and reach for the hands of the base
  • Base: straighten your arms and get hold of the hands of the flyer
  • Flyer: unhook your legs, bring weight in your hands
  • Spotter: stand next to the flyer in front of the flyer’s unhooked feet. Stand in Warrior I pose; your hands close the middle of the flyer. Make sure you can’t be kicked when the flyer is moving his/her legs back into front bird
  • Base: strong arms. Bend your legs slightly. On the count of three you’re going to pop the flyer into the air and catch him/her with your feet on his/her abdominal muscles
  • Flyer: as soon as you are air born you are bringing your legs back into plank / front bird. Engage your abdominal muscles firmly
  • Base: count till three and straighten your legs in a very dynamic way; throwing your flyer into the air. Have your feet together: toes pointing towards your head. Bend your legs a bit when the flyer lands on your feet to make the landing smooth
  • Flyer: keep your arms straight and abdominal muscles engages when you feel the base’s feet in your abs. Find your balance and ask the base to readjust his feet in necessary
  • Base: Ask the flyer if the support is oke. Give more ‘toes’ if needed and readjust your feet if needed
  • Flyer/base: your in front bird now. You can dismount from her or fly on doing other transitions

Have fun, stay safe!

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