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Sara Bigatti flying in Front Bird in the park in Monza

Acro Yoga: lifting into Front Bird (video)

Front Bird is one of the poses that makes Acro Yoga look spectacular. It is actually a pretty easy pose as long as you know the details of getting into it. It’s also one of the first poses you will learn that is demanding for the flyer. The trick is all in the toes of the base and the core muscles of the flyer.

Before you try out Front Bird (see video) you want to be sure you have a strong core as a flyer. In this case it means strong abdominal muscles and strong back muscles. If you practice yoga think of Locust (grasshopper) posture, where you are laying flat on the floor on your belly and you’r lifting your legs and chest of the floor. In Front Bird you will do the same.

Getting into Front Bird

  • Okay: I do recommend you to watch the video. It will make it a lot easier. But in case you prefer to read; here we go:
  • Base: lay flat on your back and bring your knees to your chest
  • Flyer: stand so close to the pelvis of the base that the base can feel your toes. (Small bases with big flyers: the flyer has to stand further back)
  • Base: place your feet on the abdominal muscles of the flyer. Your heels will be inside the hip bones, your toes will be close to the diaphragm of the flyer
  • Flyer: stay straight as a plank. Bring your weight into your pelvis and rest your weight into the feet of the base
  • Flyer: straighten your arms forward. You should bring them a bit below parallel to the floor. If you come forward the base shoot be able to take your hands. You should look like a zombie now
  • Flyer: Don’t look at your base. Look forward all the time
  • Base: bring your knees more to your chest and feel the weight of the flyer. Play around with the flyer a bit by bending your legs more and straightening them a bit so the flyer stands up straight again
  • Base: you want to use a bit of momentum. You’re going to bend your knees, let your flyer come forward, take the hands of your flyer and straighten your legs upward. Make sure you don’t kick the flyer backwards, but lift the flyer upwards. Straighten your arms as soon as the flyer goes up
  • Flyer: hold your core engaged and straighten your arms
  • Flyer: lift your chest up more and lift up your legs a bit; just like in locust posture
  • Base: align your feet above your pelvis, your wrist as much as you can above your shoulders and your shoulders blades on the floor
  • Base: make sure you point your toes slightly upwards, pressing them against the abdominal muscles of the flyer
  • Flyer: feel if you can balance on the feet of the base. Ask for ‘more toes’ if you have the feeling you’re falling forward
  • Base: lets go for 3 points of contact. Squeeze in one hand of the flyer as a sign you’re letting go of that hand. Release your grip, but keep your hand ready just in case
  • Flyer: bring the hand where the base squeezed in forward, like Superman or Superwoman
  • Flyer: bring your hand back and take hold of the hand of the base again
  • Base/flyer: try the other hand and bring it back
  • If you feel stable you can go for the next step:
  • Base: open the palms of your hand
  • Flyer: see if you can let go of the hands of the base and spread your wings. Move slow; the slower you move, the easier it is for the base to correct any imbalance that may occur
  • Flyer: bring both hands back and take hold of the hands of the base again. Keep your arms straight
  • Base: keep your arms straight as well. Bend your knees and put the flyer down softly

Have fun!

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