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tutorial video: how to jump into throne

Acro Yoga: How to jump into Throne (video)

Throne is on of the funniest poses to do in Acro Yoga. Getting into it is a bit tricky, but with this video tutorial you’ll get there easily.

Not only getting into throne can be hard; getting out of it can be hard as well as two of my friends remember all to well. When I was still running my yoga school in the Netherlands – now part of YogaCentrum Tilburg – I use to teach every summer on Sunday morning a yoga class in the park. For free. If more people do yoga this world will be more beautiful is my simple conviction. At the end of class a lot of people would hang around. Have lunch, chat, drink a cup of tea. I always stayed as well and with some friends I used to do some Acro Yoga. Do some more advanced moves with the regular flyers, teach some newbies the basic lift and lift them up in front bird, hammock, low flying whale and some other starting poses. We had some enthusiastic people, Savio and Marieke – now luckily friends – and they started to practice very fanatically as well. One of the first things we taught them was how to jump into throne. After we left they practiced on. Marieke as base, Savio as flyer. Savio jumped into throne. Sat into it comfortably and wanted to get out of it again. But as well Marieke as Savio had no clue how to exit throne. Jumping out they didn’t dare. To cut a long story short: after sitting there for a long time finally a man came by: walking his dog. They called him over and he lifted Savio up and put him safely on the floor again. The clue of this story: if you practice this, make sure you have a spotter there as well. And don’t worry: I’m not only teaching you how to get into throne, but also how to get out of it again as well.

How to jump into throne

  • The easiest way is to watch the video first and then read this
  • Base: lay on your back and make sure you feel stable. Bring your knees in to your chest
  • Flyer: stand close to the base with your feet next to the hips of the flyer. Your pose will look like Godess pose
  • Base: place your feet against the inside of the thighs of your flyer; close to the knees. Only your toes have to touch. As soon as the flyer jumps up the flyer will ‘roll’ onto the bottom of your feet
  • Flyer: reach your arms forward, so the base can get hold of your hands
  • Base: take hold of the hands of your flyer. Keep your arms straight
  • Flyer: put some weight into your hands
  • Flyer: now comes the important part. You have to jump up like a jumping jack (doll). So your knees go up to your ears and don’t come forward
  • Spotter: stand close to the back of the base to make sure the base can’t fall backwards
  • Base: count till 3
  • Flyer: at three you’re going to jump up. You want to be of the ground for about 20 centimeters or more
  • Base: as soon as the flyer is ‘air born’ you’re straightening your legs. Keep a little bend in them
  • Flyer: bring your legs in front of the legs of the base and hook your feet into the calves of your base
  • Base: straighten your legs all the way. If you want you can place your hands on your thighs to support them
  • Spotter: hands on the sides of the flyer. Make sure you’re in Warrior I stands: one leg in front, one leg behind
  • Flyer: bring your chin towards your chest to bring your center of gravity over your pelvis. Let go of the hands of the base and roll up. Find your balance. You’re in throne now

How to get out of throne

  • Flyer: bring your chin toward your chest and your arms forward, reaching for the arms of your base
  • Base: straighten your arms
  • Base: bend your legs and lower the flyer done up until you can hold the hands of the flyer
  • Spotter: move to the side; arms still around the middle of the flyer
  • Base: strong legs, strong arms. Coach the flyer which leg to unhook first. It should be the leg on the opposite side of the spotter
  • Flyer: transfer your weight on the leg that will stay hooked in. Unhook your other leg and straighten it backwards into a plank pose / front bird pose
  • Base: place your feet onto the abdominal muscles of your flyer; the way you do in front bird
  • Flyer: transfer your weight on the side of the leg that is straight now and unhook the other leg
  • Spotter: if base and flyer are stable, walk to the other side. Stay close to intervene when needed
  • Flyer: bring the unhooked leg back into plank / front bird as well. Engage your abdominal muscles
  • Base: place your foot onto the abdominal muscles of your flyer
  • Base/flyer: you’re in front bird now. You can move on from here or dismount the way you do from front bird

Have fun, go safe!

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One Response to Acro Yoga: How to jump into Throne (video)

  1. Avatar
    Anonymous 2 May 2016 at 00:19 #

    And if you are a guy who is flying be sure to wear shorts that are not too long and somewhat stretchy to avoid possibly ripping your shorts in two and you land in throne. Hahaha

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