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How to do a basic lift in Acro Yoga from Downward Facing dog

Acro Yoga: how to do a basic lift (video)

How to do a basic lift in Acro Yoga? I was wondering how many people know that. Why? I was in the park in Monza today. I had a meeting with Sara Bigatti, an Italian online yoga teacher. We talked for a while and then played around a little with Acro Yoga. But we were the only one. To my surprise. The park was filled with people, but nobody was ‘flying’.

The thing with Acro Yoga is: it looks easy, but it isn’t that easy. It’s all about details. At the same time: everybody can do a basic lift and fly around a little. If you have never done it before, just read or watch (video) this tutorial and you’ll be flying in no time.

How to do a basic lift from downward facing dog

  • Okay: I do recommend you to watch the video. It will make it a lot easier. But in case you prefer to read; here we go:
  • Base: lay on your back
  • Flyer: come so close to the butt of the base that the base can touch your toes
  • Base: check this. Can you touch them? Cool: now place your feet with your toes pointing outwards (think Charly Chaplin feet) just below the hip bones of your flyer
  • Flyer: check if the feet of the base are in the right spot
  • Base: offer your hands to the flyer so the flyer can grab your hands
  • Flyer: take hold of the hands of the flyer
  • Base: guide the hands of the flyer towards the floor and place the hands of the flyer next to your ears. Bend your legs so the flyer can come forward
  • Flyer: Bend forward and bring weight in your arms. Keep weight in your feet as well. You should have the feeling you’re standing in (a kind of) downward facing dog
  • Base: place your hands – with your thumbs next to your fingers – on the clavicle of the flyer
  • Breath in together
  • Base: as you both breath out you’re straightening your arms and legs; lifting the flyer in the air
  • Flyer: open your legs into a V-shape and press your feet slightly down to the floor. The feet of the base should be ‘trapped’ between your upper thigh and your belly. Relax and give in. The more you relax the safer you are
  • Base: Lower your shoulder blades to the floor. Straight arms with your hands as much as possible above your shoulders. You want your bones to be stacked. Same for your legs. Straight legs. Feet above your hips. Don’t let your low back come of the floor. Find your balance and engage your abdominal muscles so you don’t roll to the left or the right
  • Flyer: you’re flying. Enjoy
  • Base: bend your arms and legs till the feet of the flyer are on the floor again
  • Flyer: flex your feet, so you can put them on the floor. As soon as they are on the floor you can place your hands on the floor as well and come to a stand.
  • There is a nicer way to get out. Check the video to see how.

Have fun!

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