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AcroYoga community Granada

Acro yoga community Granada

Wherever I look there are acro yogis, hanging on each other’s feet, hanging upside down, standing on hands, flying through the air. The dojo is packed. There is totally no room anymore to squeeze another pair of acro yogis in. Last night this room was full as well: with sleeping people. The evening before it was crowded by ecstatic dancing people. Sharing, connecting, without speaking a word. This is – for sure – the best goodbye party I could have wished for.

Leaving PURE yoga, health, adventure and leaving Nicaragua is hard. In no time it has become home. In no time I got to learn an amazing amount of people in this city. The life I’m leading is the life I love. I do yoga asanas, I meditate, I do breathing exercises, I teach a lot of yoga classes, play around with acro yoga, eat healthy, mostly vegetarian food, make movies, write and study. That’s it. Working on myself; to become a better person and teaching what I know.  But good things also come to an end. Mostly to make room for even better things. So I am curious what’s in store for me….

As I said before: if you want some and it’s not happening, make it happen. April – together with Warren – the owner of PURE  wanted an Acro yoga community Granada; so we made it happen. Teaching workshops every week, organising jams. Bit by bit the community grew.

There is something with acro yogic communities that can’t be beaten. Acro Yogi’s are the hippies under the yogis. Not concerned with wearing the right Lullemons, but concerned with sharing, learning, laughing, uniting and growing together. And no better way to bring this all together then with a party. Ant to make it a party we threw in an ecstatic dance, sleepover and jam. We had no idea how it would turn out, if Nicaraguans were up for it, but man; what a party, what a dance…. How many chemistry can you have with someone, without speaking a word, dancing barefoot. Moving as two wild animals sneaking upon each other, moving over the floor, gracious, as two shadows, striking, defending, eyes fixed, moves copied, leading and following. No contact, just two eyes fixed in a game of movement.

After a long night there is always a next morning. But a morning without hangover, but with an acro yoga jam: the share more, to fly more, to base more, to have more fun and to become one in divine play; in PURE play.

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