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Flying Paschimottanasana. Cannonball is a good entree to transition into this pose.

Acro Yoga: How to do Cannonball (video)

Cannonball is a nice entree in Acro Yoga; an entree that brings you into Bat and gives you a lot of transition options. One of them is moving into Flying Paschimottanasana; a beautiful looking pose. You will learn both in this video tutorial.

To be able to do Cannonball you need, as a flyer, a sense of direction and some power in your arms. As a base you want some power in your arms as well. The longer you want to hold your flyer in Flying Paschimottanasana the more power you need. Although: it’s more about keeping your arms straight and stacking bones on top of each other than power.

How to do Cannonball

  • Watch this video first. It will make it a lot easier
  • Base: Lay down on your back and bring your legs up into the air into a 90 degrees angle
  • Flyer: come stand close to the legs of the base, facing away from the base. Place your hands on the soles of the feet of the base. You want to bend your arms at your elbows, have your hands on the outside of the base’s feet and curl your fingers over the soles of his feet
  • Base: keep your legs steady. Bring your arms up
  • Flyer: bend your knees and start leaning backwards
  • Base: place your hands on the shoulders of your flyer. Bend your arms as your flyer comes down more
  • Flyer: straighten your arms and lay back all the way. Now roll your knees up to your chest. Finally: curl even more up so your butt is pointed towards the ceiling.
  • Base: count till three. On three you will give your flyer a little push into the air
  • Spotter: come and stand behind the base and flyer; facing the butt of the flyer. Have your hands ready; close to the pelvis of the flyer
  • Flyer: on three you will pull yourself up and open your legs to the side into a V-shape. Your legs are pointed towards the head of the flyer. You’re not bringing them backwards, but over your own head
  • Base: count and push
  • Spotter: make sure the flyer makes it and moves her legs into the right direction
  • Flyer: pull yourself up, open your legs into the V-shape. You’re haning upside down now. Release your fingers, which are trapped between the soles of the feet of the base and your own legs. Press your feet slightly towards the floor. You can hang and relax now
  • Flyer/base: if you want you can now move on into Flying Paschimottanasana

How to do Flying Paschimottanasana

  • Watch this video first. It will make it a lot easier
  • Flyer: hanging upside down after Cannonball keep your knees out, but bring the soles of your feet together
  • Base: support the flyer under the shoulders and push your flyer a little up
  • Flyer: with the help of the push of the base grab hold of your ankles. Fingers on one side, thumb on the other side.
  • Base: keep your legs strong
  • Flyer: keep holding on to your ankles (or shines; depending on flexibility) and start straightening your legs and bring them together, like you do in Paschimottanasana. You’re doing that pose now, just hanging upside down. Strong and straight arms
  • Base: place your hands on the tops of the shoulders of the flyer. Shoulder or deltoid muscles depends from flyer to flyer. Place to fingers on the biceps. The weight will be in your hands, you will use your fingers to balance
  • Spotter: come and stand on the side of the base and flyer. Have your arms around the waist line of the flyer; one arm between legs and belly of the flyer, the other around the back
  • Base: take one foot of the leg of the flyer and place it against the back of the flyer, so the flyer can’t fall backwards. Take your other foot out as well and also place it against the back of the flyer
  • Flyer: keep your arms straight and strong, engage your core and keep your legs straight. The base needs your arms to be straight to be able to carry and balance you
  • Base: if you feel comfortable bring your legs towards the floor and balance the flyer on your hands
  • Spotter: be ready to catch the flyer if the base doesn’t hold it anymore
  • Flyer: flex your feet
  • Base: bend your fingers. This should be enough to place the flyer on her/his feet on the floor. If needed bring your arms slightly overhead. Keep holding on to the arms of the flyer and check if everything is okay. The flyer has been hanging head-down for a while. If so: let go
  • Flyer: come up slowly
  • There is another way to exit from Flying Paschimottanasana. Check the the video to see how….

Have fun, stay safe.


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