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an online yoga course; a great mindful Christmas gift

5 ideas for a mindful Christmas gift

Yes! The holiday season is here. Time to spoil your friends and family. And if you want to spoil them good, why don’t you give them a mindful Christmas gift?

Okay, but what is a mindful Christmas gift? Good question. I think there are three options. The best gift has a bit of all of them:

  1. A gift becomes mindful when it’s produced with respect for the environment and for the workers making it. That means no children hands, no underpaid workers, not made in factories where the workers breathe in poison or work under other circumstances you don’t want to work under.
  2. A gift becomes mindful when it helps others, next to being a nice gift for the receiver. With others I mean people who are less privileged in life or who take a risk. The last category includes self-employed people, start-ups, People who try to contribute to society, instead of just cashing a paycheck of their employer at the end of the month. There is nothing wrong with steady jobs and I don’t say people in steady jobs don’t contribute to society, but they don’t take the risks freelancers and other self-employed people do. So if you buy something of them, you support them. Same for buying something of NGOs.
  3. A gift becomes mindful when it is adding value to the life of the receiver. Don’t think of value as money. I’m talking about real value. It’s great to receive a t-shirt, but if you receive a book that’s an eye opener, you’re getting more than just a book.

Here are 5 ideas for a mindful Christmas gift

Fair Trade greeting card on canvas

FairMail is a social enterprise that helps children. They teach teenagers how to take photos. These photos are sold by FairMail. 50 percent of the money goes back to the teenager to invest in their education.

They have a special line with Christmas cards as well. So if you don’t want to give a card as a present, you can always sent some to wish your friends and families a merry Christmas.

And if you want to go all the way: you can also do photo excursions with them in Peru and India. Or as a nice gift for yourself: go help them as a volunteer. You can be the mindful Christmas gift yourself.

Recyclable yoga mat

If your friends, and hopefully you, love doing yoga, why not give a beautiful yoga mat. Not just beautiful to look at, but made in a beautiful way as well. In this case: from recycled material or in a way it can be recycled. ReYoga makes those mats. If your a regular on this blog or on my YouTube channel, you probably heard all about them. All their products are made with the environment in mind. How great is that to have a mat like that under your feet. It will not only give your body a rest in Savasana, but also your mind.

If you give a present to a Sara Bigatti fan, she designed a mat for ReYoga. It’s a limited edition, so you have to be quick.

ReYoga makes clothes as well. My favorite item is the bow-tie; made out of a yoga mat.

Fair phone

Photo: Fairphone

Photo: Fairphone

I’m always amazed that every Christmas new records are broken when it comes down to how much money people spent on Christmas gifts. If you’re one of the people who like to give luxurious gifts with Christmas, I might know the gift to give for you: a fair phone of FAIRPHONE.

Phones might seem ‘just’ technological products, but they need cobalt for their batteries. Most of this cobalt comes from the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mining conditions are horrible and a lot of the work is child labor. FAIRPHONE has created a phone that’puts people first’. Meaning: long lasting design, fair materials, good working conditions and reuse and recycling.

If the phone is to expensive, they have gift cards as well.

Online Yoga course

I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but I do know all my ex-students from the Netherlands have a hard time to go to yoga these days. It’s cold, roads are full of snow and ice. If it’s the same where your friends live or if they just don’t have any nice yoga around, why don’t you give them an online yoga course for Christmas? You can download it on a beautiful usb-stick so you actually have something physical to give.

There are a lot of big providers out there. If you just google, you’ll find them. Or you can go for small providers, like we are. We have online courses in English on this website and in Italian on Sara’s website.

Electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are ‘hot’ at this moment. Unlimited Engineering brings something new to that market: an Electric Skateboard Powertrain. It’s a motor you can add to any skateboard, converting your skateboard into an electric skateboard. This Spanish company ran a campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website and are now testing their designs. They will be on the market soon. At this moment they take pre orders, but you can always make a gift card for your friend, brother, sister if they love riding.

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