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Galleta enjoying her life at La Mariposa

A dogs life at La Mariposa

Last week I spent my whole morning with a little puppy in my arms: even having it by my side while taping a little yin yoga video class. This week I spent three days feeding a dog with a pipette, because it could hardly drink after being hit by a car or motor taxi and left on the side of the road to die. All these animals find their way to La Mariposa somehow, because La Mariposa is not only a Spanish School & Eco-hotel, but also an animal rescue center.

Either we find the dogs and cats, either they are brought to us. In the case of the puppy it was dumped just outside of our fence. The other dog was seen by the head of the school department, picked-up and brought to the hotel. Other dogs who are living here right now have been seen on local markets, begging for food, found on the streets, being brought injured and/or being skin over bone and taken down to La Mariposa by Paulette, the owner to give them a new life.

They are taken care of with all the love in the world: being checked up by the vet, feeded by hand if necessary, given a mud bad to heal their skin from fungus and being pet, hugged and loved by all the students and workers. They can go wherever they want on one of the four properties that Mariposa has over here in San Juan de la Concepcion: the school, vegetables garden, nature reserve and the study/retreat center. All properties are seriously big, so they can run, play and have fun. Probably there is nothing better as a dogs life at La Mariposa.

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