Yoga agenda/diary

Sadhana; that’s the core of yoga. It means an uninterrupted practice. Day in, day out. But finding time and especially inspiration to do yoga day in day out is hard. Was hard, because now there is the La Scimmia Yoga Practice Agenda/diary.

Asana tips

This agenda will inspire you to practice. It’s full of asana tips, little sequences, alignment information and lots of things to do and to think about. Because yoga is more than striking a pose. In the subway, in your car, in the office or in line at the supermarket you can do yoga. Not by touching your toes the moment you’re paying for your groceries not by putting your leg behind the head at your desk in the office, but simply by contemplating the many quotes, movies, songs and suggestions we have for you.

Roll out your mat

But that’s not all. This agenda will help you keep track of your practice. Stimulating you to roll out your mat every day. Or to take simply a moment for you; to color a mandala, to meditate or just to take a simple breath.
Doing a Sadhana – a bit of yoga every day – has never been this easy.

The yoga agenda is available in Italian and Spanish.

My work

The agenda is an idea of Sara Bigatti, who designed the trackers and yoga flows. I wrote the philosophy texts, asana descriptions and came up with the weekly set-up, movie and music tips.