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Yoga Teacher Training Course

Fancy doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course? Have you done one and want to fresh up your knowledge? Or do you want to go deeper into yoga? You came to the right place. Here you’ll find everything about anatomy, physiology, alignment, philosophy, asana, meditation, pranayama  and teaching skills that I teach on yoga teacher training courses (TTC 200 and TTC 300) and workshops throughout the world for Sampoorna Yoga, Budapest Yoga, La Scimmia Yoga, Dutch Smiling Yogi and other yoga schools.

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Teaching skills

How do you make a yoga sequence? How do you communicate with your students during your class? What makes you a good yoga teacher and how can you stand out as a yoga instructor? A yoga instructor is not just a teacher, she/he is a (life) coach, a guide, a guru.


Yoga is thousands of years old. Yet the philosophy of yoga still offers simple solutions for the problems we’re dealing with now-a-days. If you know your philosophy you’ll be able to help your students on their path through life.


Why can’t you do Hanuman (splits),  why can’t you get your feet on the ground in Downward Facing Dog and the person next to you in class can? Understanding anatomy and physiology is understanding the human body is understanding yoga. Basic anatomy knowledge will help you improve your own practice and that of your students.


Controlling your mind is controlling your emotions is controlling your life. Yoga has become asana in the West, but yoga is so much more. Meditation will give you a look inside yourself and will help you find ultimate happiness.


Control your breath and you control your emotions. The two are connected. Breath is everything in life. Without breath, there is no life. Not for nothing is it called prana – life energy. Your breath is what can take you deep inside.


Asana is in the West often synonym with yoga, but in this yoga teacher training course you’ll find out that yoga is so much more. At the same time: asana is what makes you feel good. During every teacher training course you will deepen your own practice, but also start to understand how asanas can be put together into fluent flows and healing sequences.

You can also take a look in the Asana Database.

How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Every yoga Teacher Training Course you pick should have all these elements. Without philosophy no yoga, without anatomy no understanding of the human body and the physical side of yoga. If you choose a training, make sure the training doesn’t only focus on the asanas. Even when you’re not so much into philosophy or meditation you want to learn about this to truly understand yoga.

To help you choose the right yoga teacher training course for you I’ll wrote a blog about it: How to choose a yoga teacher training course.


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